Cindy is a member of the Rehoboth DE, Millsboro DE, Milton, DE, Ocean City MD Art Leagues along with the Maryland, Piedmont (NC) and Naples (SW Florida) Pastel Societies.

Cindy L Beyer, ASID received her Bachelors of Arts degree in Interior Design from Michigan State University and was a certified NCIDQ interior designer. After more than twenty years as a commercial and residential designer, Cindy launched her next journey into visual art. Cindy has traveled across the country and world to study with artists allowing unique perspectives which have translated into her work.

A Perspective on a Visual Art Journey

My transition from interior design into the world of art aligned with my long-term personal goal - "get back to my art".  

My love for pastels and watercolors originated from my early art classes.  While watercolors and pastels are somewhat different, each requires polar opposite techniques. Originally I was only thinking of being a watercolor artist, but after being introduced to pastels, I was instantly hooked. Pastels have lush pigments that allow the unique use of colors, visual blending, and the "creation of light" that can be used throughout the painting.

My pastels are painted on a sanded surface and usually start with a watercolor underpainting or hard pastel brushed with alcohol. Paying attention to shapes and values, I  start my second layer with a harder pastel working from dark to light.  Using a painterly style, I find delight in the richness each pastel stick can make in my paintings.  The final layer is my favorite because of the rich pastel pigments being applied which enable me to build up to the light - as the light is the most important part of my paintings. As I develop a painting, I try to see how far I can go with the use of colors and reflections to bring out the best feeling for each piece. 

The goal for my landscape series is to bring nature into your heart; and to help make your house, a home. I am always searching for a scene that can capture an emotion or a unique situation. Whether it be Sunlight on the Marsh or a Stormy Skies, I find landscape scenery to be fascinating because you can sink yourself into a setting and re-create a moment-in-time that may never be seen again.